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About us

Forests are being cut down to make space for factories. The rivers people used to swim is getting polluted and the ground water becoming undrinkable everyday. Aaranya is an organisation currently located at Cuddalore trying to bring back what is being lost from the earth, the forests through various methods.


To see a world where the human family protects and nurtures forests and fights against unnatural carbon emissions


To create, conserve, preserve tropical dry evergreen forests & minimize consumption of fossil fuels by taking up cycling.


To nurture a 'clean & green consciousness' among the public through various innovative methods like Tree adoption, Free the Trees and Seed ball making.

Watch the speech of our founder

Ragunath Veeravel, our founder, presented the dream of Aaranya at kanthari TALKS 2019 which was held at kanthari campus, Trivandrum, Kerala

What we do

What we do

Afforestation: Need of the hour!

What can and needs to be done?
To provide opportunities for people to restore a connection with nature, to learn about the importance of a green and environmentally friendly society I will focus on four main programs:

  • Model alphabet forest: “A – Z forests”.
    26 different mini mixed forests in different locations around Pondicherry/Tamil Nadu with the goal to increase the understanding of how important forests and nature are.
  • Refurbish abandoned parks/gardens into blooming green lush surroundings.
    Changing abandoned parks/gardens into green hubs to increase awareness and elevate the quality of living as well as inspire action to be taken to avoid further destruction of mother earth.
  • Cycling rallies with specific topics to create awareness on “TREE ADOPTION” & “Free the trees”. Starting cycling club, they start creating awareness through cycling rally on every Sunday.
  • Providing assistance to create Mini forest and Roof gardening.

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